Founded in 2006, Jet Trading and Leasing (JTL), is a boutique and agile enterprise, which specializes in the trading and leasing of both commercial jet aircraft and engines to airlines and institutions around the globe. Over the last 12 years, JTL has arranged managed and traded over 100 aircraft with an original acquisition cost of more than $1.75 billion. In addition to operating lease structures, we engage in structured finance transactions, the purchase and sale of airline associated financial instruments, and commercial jet aircraft management. JTL's management team, throughout their combined 74 year aviation careers have arranged, re-marketed, and traded aircraft transactions valued in excess of $15 billion, comprised of hundreds of aircraft.

JTL provides airlines, financial institutions, lessors, and investors the industry’s most creative expertise and solutions for any type of aircraft financial transaction and the most competitive purchase, sale, and lease transactions. Our financial engineering, coupled with our aircraft technical expertise, and current and future market equipment valuation knowledge, set us apart from other aircraft leasing firms.